How does Rent A BOT work? rent a bot - dont buy a facebook messenger bot just rent one

We have over 100 Facebook Messenger BOTS that  you can rent to see how they can:

  • Reduce your labor costs by answering frequent customer questions for you
  • Generate and nurture new customers/clients/patients
  • Increase sales by improving engagement with new customers and guiding them through the sales process
  • Improve customer satisfaction by answering their questions 24×7 and booking appointments/meetings/calls
  • Automatically database Facebook Page and Website visitors for future conversations and broadcasts that get 90%+ open rates vs traditional 5-10% open rates

How do I request a BOT to rent?

Simply search or browse for the BOT(s) for your business niche, add the BOT to your cart and check out like any other eCommerce Site.



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